Re: [acid-jazz] your timeless top ten!!!

Date: 2004-05-19 08:22:34

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    > 8. Nuyorican Soul "Nervous Track" this one sounded like it came from
    > another planet - unfuckingbelievable!

    gotta agree with you with that one, peter! a standout tune of it's time and
    sounds still fresh.

    my top 10 from the 'acid jazz' era - have put some hip hop in as well:

    1 dj krush - kemuri
    2 clarke-boland big band - shakara
    3 leroy hutson - lucky fellow
    4 forgetting the artist name, so long since i've heard this, never owned it
    myself - watch my garden grow
    5 dj shadow - in flux
    6 dj takemura - harmonium
    7 deodato - skyscrapers
    8 gang starr - code of the streets
    9 rpm - sorti des ombres
    10 dave pike set - mathar

    as long as i remember, these tunes used to get plays a lot in turku, finland
    some ten years back!

    heikki k