Re: What are your 10 rarest albums/cds?

From: Johan Sagnert (
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 15:58:33 CET

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    Fun idea. I'll settle for listing the ten records I had most trouble
    tracking down:

    1. I.N.I. - Centre of attention
    2. Slum Village - Fantastic Vol.1
    3. Tournesol - Inside my orgasmatron (debut EP on R&S)
    4. Grand Daddy I.U. - Smooth assassin
    5. Zero 7 - Waiting line (Koop remix)
    6. Jedi Knights - May the funk be with you (debut EP on Clear)
    7. Eddie Drennon & BBS Unlimited - Do what you gotta do
    8. Two kings in a cipher - From pyramids to projects
    9. Double Pact - Pour ma planete bleu
    10. Boogaloo - Back down to london (Lekebusch remix)

    These ten are the kind of records that makes me smile just thinking about

    Three that I've still haven't been able to track down (any help is greatly

    * De La Soul - Saturdays (an italian pressed uptempo remix that has a sample
    from Isley Brothers "Fight the power")
    * Tupliaq - His untitled album on the Audio Pollution label
    * Jocelyn Brown - Somebody else's guy (another uptempo remix from 1990 that
    uses a sample for Fred Wesley's "Blow your head")

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