Re: What are your 10 rarest albums/cds?

From: m g (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 11:00:16 CET

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    you did say rare.

    these are off the top of my head, so they might not be my rarest, and
    certainly not my top ten. anyhow:

    Sabu - Palo Congo (Blue Note/US LP)
    first heard him on art blakeys 'drum suite lp' i buy anything with this guy

    Village Callers - Live (Rampart/US LP)
    with "hector"

    Sarah Webster Fabio - Ju Ju's Alchemy of the Blues (Folkways LP)
    i think this was recently reissued, pick it up before its gone

    Paul Jackson - Black Octopus (EMI/Japan LP)
    headhunters bassist goes solo

    Jayme Marquez - So Much Feeling (RCA/Spain LP)
    great version of "vera cruz"

    Omoa Music sampler (Omoa/US 12")
    ayro and dwele together. yeah. only 500 copies i heard

    Younger Generation - We rap more mellow (Brass/US 12")
    furious five before they were

    Rammelzee vs K-Rob - Beat Bop (Tartown/US 12")
    thanks to old school celluloid female mc B-side who showed me this while i
    was shopping with my girlfriend at Agnes B NYC in 1983 (B-side worked
    there and when she saw me holding bags of wax she told me to check this out;
    which they were actually selling in the upmarket clothing shop) i hear its
    worth a ton now. Basquait did the cover (if your into art i suggest you
    check out Doze Green aswell)

    Sample Dub (Studio 1/Jamaica LP)
    the cover is printed on the inside of a recycled soap box.

    Esther Williams - Let Me Show You (Friend&Co/US LP)
    "last night changed it all" and "you gotta let me show you"

    Sammy Gordon & the Hiphuggers - Makin Love (Red Gregg/US 12")
    patrick a d a m EMAIL souljazzs gets freaky with the mini-moog

    mike g

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