Re: What are your 10 rarest albums/cds?

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Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 03:30:10 CET

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    are you sure that lionrock is on reconstruction? i've got several
    lionrock double promos on deconstruction that were never released,
    but i wouldnt consider them rare.

    i dont know how rare my original Ken Nordine vinyl albums are, but
    they're dead old. if one defines rareity as the limited number of
    copies available and/or the commensurate price you paid, then i paid
    $100 in 1987 for Jack Kerouac on vinyl reading poetry in San
    Francisco. i've also got a Ferlinghetti record from the same period
    (jazz in the background) that's never been re-released. Rhino then
    re-released three Kerouac albums in a CD box set. My dream was to
    get the albums on vinyl in pristine condition, but was told it was a
    CD only box set.
    April 99 on a weekend in nyc, I found a record shop somewhere in
    the Tomkins Park area with all three kerouac albums in the rhino box
    set on vinyl. the price again: $100. it had been sitting in the
    shop for over a year the guy said. i happily forked over my plastic
    & came back to England with my treasure.
    Bizarrely enough, I consider my other most valuable record to be a
    recording of Alice in Wonderland with Jane Asher reading Alice, a BBC
    Radio play from the 50's. Absolutely top for scratching/sampling.
    And a recording of Timothy Leary's lecture on consciousness - the
    only other person I've ever seen with a copy was Matt Black who
    played it over some lushness at a big chill. Picked that up while
    trawling through a cut out warehouse in California in the late 80's.
    The cover is enough to make you hallucinate. Oh, yeah, I've got that
    KLF record where they sampled Abba, Whitney Houston, got sued & had
    to pull the lot & replace with an instrumental. Of course I picked
    up the instrumental.
    as a steinski fan, follower & now probably friend for life, i've got
    two copies of "the motorcade sped on" that tommy boy promoed & then
    realised, "uh we cant really release this record". i have no idea
    what they're worth & i wouldnt sell them anyway. these may not be
    rare records to anyone else, but to me they are treasured gems
    equipped with memories of the search & the find.

    as for UFO on vinyl - you can get anything, and I mean records you
    didnt even dream existed on vinyl in Tokyo. what you'll need is a
    mountain of money to get there & enough credit on your plastic to
    fulfill any vinyl junkie requirements, but at a pirce.

    At 9:38 am +0000 24/3/02, Christopher Grass wrote:
    >The lists has been a bit quiet as of late, so here's a little
    >something to stimulate you guys. Everyone try and list your 10
    >rarest CD and/or vinyl albums...I'd love to see what is really hard
    >to find, and what isn't. It also might be a good way to find out if
    >someone has something you might want to trade for or even buy. Plus,
    >you can see just exactly what your bragging rights are :) Here are
    >mine to start with:
    >1. Mr. Scruff - self-titled album on Pleasure Records (both CD and
    >double vinyl)
    >2. Bill Cargill - Submarine Address cd(on Cup of Tea)
    >3. Jazz Spanky and the Sound Approach - Spin and Spank cd (on Milk,
    >offshoot of Cup of Tea)
    >4. Mr. Nevuex - Tuba cd(also on Milk)
    >5. Lemongrass - Drumatic Universe (pre-Mole CD, worth seeking out)
    >6. Blue States - Nothing Changes Under the Sun double vinyl (on
    >Memphis Industries)
    >7. Thunderball - Scorpio Rising double vinyl (on ESL). For some
    >reason, this was never offered for sale on their website.
    >Apparently, it was a very limited release
    >8. Lionrock - City Delirious double vinyl (on Reconstruction)
    >9. United Future Organization - Bon Voyage double vinyl
    >10. United Future Organization - Third Perspective double vinyl
    >w/bonus 12" of dubs. I think the bonus disc is rarer than the album
    >By the way, if anyone knows where I can get the other UFO albums on
    >wax, I'd be very grateful....
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