Re: What are your 10 rarest albums/cds?

From: Christopher Grass (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 05:29:53 CET

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    Heheh...ok, well, UFO albums are rare in the states...I'd love to be able to
    go to Tokyo and get some more, a spare mountain of money lying
    around? Or any website recommendations where I could get them? As far as
    the Lionrock album goes, I've never seen another one; I had to get mine from
    Action-Records UK....did I put Reconstruction instead of Deconstruction? Ah
    yes, so I mistake. As far as rarity goes...there are many ways of
    defining rarity. I tend to define a rare item by how much it is in demand,
    how many copies exist, AND how many other people actually own it; When I
    posted that message, I didn't mean to be so general. I was referring to
    dance music/acid jazz. My rarest CD by far is an album by the rock group
    Buttsteak called "Shit, Cool, it's the Honeycomb Generation". As far as I
    know, there were less than 1000 pressed, and very few were sold...and after
    Merkin Records went under, they all vanished.
    I also have Coldcut's JDJ cd, but since that is being reissued....oh well.

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    >are you sure that lionrock is on reconstruction? i've got several
    >lionrock double promos on deconstruction that were never released,
    >but i wouldnt consider them rare.
    >i dont know how rare my original Ken Nordine vinyl albums are, but
    >they're dead old. if one defines rareity as the limited number of
    >copies available and/or the commensurate price you paid, then i paid
    >$100 in 1987 for Jack Kerouac on vinyl reading poetry in San
    >Francisco. i've also got a Ferlinghetti record from the same period
    >(jazz in the background) that's never been re-released. Rhino then
    >re-released three Kerouac albums in a CD box set. My dream was to
    >get the albums on vinyl in pristine condition, but was told it was a
    >CD only box set.
    >April 99 on a weekend in nyc, I found a record shop somewhere in
    >the Tomkins Park area with all three kerouac albums in the rhino box
    >set on vinyl. the price again: $100. it had been sitting in the
    >shop for over a year the guy said. i happily forked over my plastic
    >& came back to England with my treasure.
    >Bizarrely enough, I consider my other most valuable record to be a
    >recording of Alice in Wonderland with Jane Asher reading Alice, a BBC
    >Radio play from the 50's. Absolutely top for scratching/sampling.
    >And a recording of Timothy Leary's lecture on consciousness - the
    >only other person I've ever seen with a copy was Matt Black who
    >played it over some lushness at a big chill. Picked that up while
    >trawling through a cut out warehouse in California in the late 80's.
    >The cover is enough to make you hallucinate. Oh, yeah, I've got that
    >KLF record where they sampled Abba, Whitney Houston, got sued & had
    >to pull the lot & replace with an instrumental. Of course I picked
    >up the instrumental.
    >as a steinski fan, follower & now probably friend for life, i've got
    >two copies of "the motorcade sped on" that tommy boy promoed & then
    >realised, "uh we cant really release this record". i have no idea
    >what they're worth & i wouldnt sell them anyway. these may not be
    >rare records to anyone else, but to me they are treasured gems
    >equipped with memories of the search & the find.
    >as for UFO on vinyl - you can get anything, and I mean records you
    >didnt even dream existed on vinyl in Tokyo. what you'll need is a
    >mountain of money to get there & enough credit on your plastic to
    >fulfill any vinyl junkie requirements, but at a pirce.
    >At 9:38 am +0000 24/3/02, Christopher Grass wrote:
    >>The lists has been a bit quiet as of late, so here's a little
    >>something to stimulate you guys. Everyone try and list your 10
    >>rarest CD and/or vinyl albums...I'd love to see what is really hard
    >>to find, and what isn't. It also might be a good way to find out if
    >>someone has something you might want to trade for or even buy. Plus,
    >>you can see just exactly what your bragging rights are :) Here are
    >>mine to start with:
    >>1. Mr. Scruff - self-titled album on Pleasure Records (both CD and
    >>double vinyl)
    >>2. Bill Cargill - Submarine Address cd(on Cup of Tea)
    >>3. Jazz Spanky and the Sound Approach - Spin and Spank cd (on Milk,
    >>offshoot of Cup of Tea)
    >>4. Mr. Nevuex - Tuba cd(also on Milk)
    >>5. Lemongrass - Drumatic Universe (pre-Mole CD, worth seeking out)
    >>6. Blue States - Nothing Changes Under the Sun double vinyl (on
    >>Memphis Industries)
    >>7. Thunderball - Scorpio Rising double vinyl (on ESL). For some
    >>reason, this was never offered for sale on their website.
    >>Apparently, it was a very limited release
    >>8. Lionrock - City Delirious double vinyl (on Reconstruction)
    >>9. United Future Organization - Bon Voyage double vinyl
    >>10. United Future Organization - Third Perspective double vinyl
    >>w/bonus 12" of dubs. I think the bonus disc is rarer than the album
    >>By the way, if anyone knows where I can get the other UFO albums on
    >>wax, I'd be very grateful....
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