What are your 10 rarest albums/cds?

From: Christopher Grass (bluesjumper@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 10:38:43 CET

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    The lists has been a bit quiet as of late, so here's a little something to
    stimulate you guys. Everyone try and list your 10 rarest CD and/or vinyl
    albums...I'd love to see what is really hard to find, and what isn't. It
    also might be a good way to find out if someone has something you might want
    to trade for or even buy. Plus, you can see just exactly what your bragging
    rights are :) Here are mine to start with:

    1. Mr. Scruff - self-titled album on Pleasure Records (both CD and double
    2. Bill Cargill - Submarine Address cd(on Cup of Tea)
    3. Jazz Spanky and the Sound Approach - Spin and Spank cd (on Milk, offshoot
    of Cup of Tea)
    4. Mr. Nevuex - Tuba cd(also on Milk)
    5. Lemongrass - Drumatic Universe (pre-Mole CD, worth seeking out)
    6. Blue States - Nothing Changes Under the Sun double vinyl (on Memphis
    7. Thunderball - Scorpio Rising double vinyl (on ESL). For some reason,
    this was never offered for sale on their website. Apparently, it was a very
    limited release
    8. Lionrock - City Delirious double vinyl (on Reconstruction)
    9. United Future Organization - Bon Voyage double vinyl
    10. United Future Organization - Third Perspective double vinyl w/bonus 12"
    of dubs. I think the bonus disc is rarer than the album itself...

    By the way, if anyone knows where I can get the other UFO albums on wax, I'd
    be very grateful....

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